Summer is in full swing and that means juggling a business, full time job and 2 busy kiddos for me. Thankfully this isn’t my first rodeo and with 6.5 years of business under my belt I know the ultimate tip to keeping everything running smoothly, organization and balance.  Working in social media I can’t stay unplugged for too long, but dragging a laptop, camera, phone and tablet with me and my family to the park usually means less time actually working and more time switching between gadgets. 

The good news is that I’ve found the ultimate all-in-one computer that’s light enough to be used as a tablet with all of the capabilities you would need in a computer. You can easily set it on any surface with the built-in stand or collapse it back down to take it with you on-the-go. It even comes with a super-comfy case!

With a giant touch screen you don’t need to bring the wireless keyboard with you, but when I’m typing blog posts and responding to emails it does cut down time dramatically.  The high resolution IPS (1920×1080 DPI) on the 1760AIO All-In-One serves as a touch screen. Organizing files and media, whether at home or at the office, becomes way easier. You can sort pictures and music endlessly on tablet mode while relaxing at the couch. The best all-in-one desktop computers can help you make the most of Microsoft’s offerings. IPS technology in iView offers more with the added mobility. Put the multi-touch commands and other Windows 10 features to good use while you’re at work for optimal efficiency.

The 1760AIO saves me time showing presentations to clients no matter where the meeting is.  I love that I can keep up with my blog easily by editing videos and creating content anywhere. Speaking of creating content, it also has a built-in camera. The 2.0MP front camera offers clarity when capturing photos and during video chat sessions over the web using your favorite calling or messaging application. Together with the built-in microphone, the iView 1760AIO camera has both parties heard and viewed smoothly throughout its duration. This is great for busy Mommas that need to take conference calls or Skype meetings on the fly.

And for those times that I get a moment to myself I can pour my fave glass of Moscato and binge watch my favorite Netflix show. I’ve found that battery life on the 1760AIO lasts through an entire day of work and still has enough life to get me through a few shows at the end of the day. 

Break free from having to constantly find an outlet to plug in your charger! You won’t have to dismantle your desktop CPU and monitor, only to reconnect the cables and setup in a nearby power source. Weighing 8.74 lbs, carrying the iView 1760AIO won’t be a burden, especially with the stand that doubles as a flip-out handle. You can use it where you want for as long as you need as the unit can hold two to three hours once fully charged.

iView 1760AIO really packs it all with a long-lasting battery to back you up when working for long hours. The 1760AIO is equipped with a high-quality 2600 mAh battery. You can rely on it no matter how often you switch, navigate, and do tasks between applications. Less frequent charging further promotes productivity.

Playing games will be satisfying on a portable device with features at par with the best all-in-one desktop computers. If your idea of a fantastic game experience is grinding for hours long, or engaging in an epic battle while you blast sounds on the speakers, the built-in battery of your portable all in one gaming computer can handle it.

The All-In-One iView 1760AIO Package includes the device, a power adapter, user manual, and a carry bag. Included is a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse to connect to your tablet/portable PC at your convenience. Brand new unit and accessories provided for, you can get started right out of the box!

iView 1760AIO PCs fall within the range of all-in-one computers under $400.00 and well within budget. Anyone exploring their options of cheap all-in-one computers will have found the best brand among all-in-one pc deals. You save money, space, and time with an AIO device that offers amazing computing power for its price.

With an iView, you can do more. Simply because you have it all!

This Package includes 1 device, 1 power adapter (2600 mAh battery), 1 wireless keyboard, 1 wireless mouse, 1 user manual, and 1 handbag.

If you’re thinking about getting a new All-In-One or just finding something that helps save you time, energy and make the most of your summer make sure you check out the All-In-One iView 1760AIO

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