We are well into Scorpio season, where the sun is in Scorpio until November 21st. We also have a few other planets currently in Scorpio including Venus and Jupiter. Scorpio is a fixed sign in the element water. When someone has a fixed sign they are stable, firm and dependable if you are reading this as a Scorpio or know of one I’m sure you have recognized this quality. The water element ads depth and emotion. Keep reading to find out a few things most people don’t know about scorpios.

 Things Most People Don’t Know About Scorpios

1:  Scorpios in Relationships:

You can mesmerize almost anyone. People can instantly sense your depth and emotion. You take relationships seriously and will always have your loved ones back. Loyalty and honesty is everything.

2: Scorpio in Careers

You are a determined go-getter and you’re ready and willing to do what it takes to reach your goals. Your intensity and charm makes you an instant leader. You are able to work well in fast-paced active environments.


3: Challenges

When we say challenges, we don’t necessarily think these are weaknesses. As with any Scorpio, they know how to work with what they’ve been given. In the card game of life they know how to win whether they have the best hand or not. So while you may see a jealous or stubborn streak in Scorpios from time to time know that they know show the cards that they want you to see, when they want you to see them. Don’t mistake their passion for weakness. A Scorpio needs a true ride or die and someone to understand that they only get jealous because they care too much.

4: Scorpio Strengths

Determination, endurance and willpower are three of Scorpios greatest strengths. With the passion, strength and endurance to accomplish any of their goals and the ability to stay calm, cool and collected when things get stressful make Scorpios a force to reckoned with. Quitting isn’t an option for Scorpios and if they aren’t careful they can push themselves a little too far to the point of exhaustion. Scorpios are also an extremely sexy sign. They are naturally magnetic and intense with the ability to hypnotize almost anyone.

5: Scorpio Intuition

Scorpios are human lie detectors. Their ability to observe their surroundings, people’s mannerisms and reactions without even trying coupled with their innate sense of truth make them the lie detectors of the zodiac. They are blunt when it comes to honesty. Either it’s the truth, or it’s not there’s know medium ground or half-truths. 

6: Passion is the name of the game

Scorpios are passionate people that are capable of great love, great anger, and greatness in general. Once they set their heart on something or someone their intensity and willingness to do whatever it takes to obtain their goal makes it only a matter of time before they get what they want.

7: Scorpio with family

 A Scorpio is a rock when drama bursts onto the domestic scene. They can offer a protective shield for those who are more vulnerable. Scorpios are the people you want on your side. If you are someone they care about they will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. 

Are you a Scorpio? Comment below with any other things most people don’t know about scorpios!