The combination of apple cider, white wine, vodka, and Sprite creates a refreshing drink that will help cut through a heavy meal like Thanksgiving dinner. Plus, with vodka coming to the party, everyone might actually get along this Thanksgiving!

In all seriousness though, this


 is a unique drink that everyone is sure to love. It’s also a great alternative to the everyday glass of white wine.

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Today we are putting a fun spin on a classic, White Russian.

Since it’s Pumpkin Spice season why not combine some of our favorites?

This recipe only takes a few ingredients and can easily be made into a mocktail as well. 


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Pear, ginger, and vanilla play along perfectly together for a beautiful and refreshing fall cocktail.

Apples and pears immediately come to mind when I think about seasonal fall flavors, but if you ask me pears really get the short end of the stick. Why? I can’t imagine. They’re sweet, just a teensy bit tart and possess lovely floral undertones. I decided to throw a little love their way and showcase their juicy goodness in festive spritzer form.


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What cocktail could be better to serve this fall than a Pumpkin Pie Martini! This easy pumpkin martini recipe is just liquor and garnish no muddling around with pumpkin puree or the like. We are looking for flavor in a cocktail, not to turn it into a dessert.


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Apple cider is something I look forward to all year long, it’s at its best in the fall freshly pressed from local apples. I talked about all the reason I love apple cider in my Apple Cider Donut Cocktail recipe, if you love all things fall & cider mill related you need to check that one out ASAP!

The first leaf hit the ground and I was emotionally obligated to buy a half gallon of cider. Unfortunately this year I quickly learned my stomach doesn’t tolerate it the way it used to. Which probably means I’m getting old?

The good stuff is far too expensive to go to waste so I’ve been turning it into delicious cocktails and this time a spiked apple cider float.

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This Thanksgiving Punch made with apple cider, whiskey, fruit juice, brandy, and soda packs the delicious flavors of fall and winter in one delicious holiday drink recipe!

When it comes to Thanksgiving Recipes, it’s easy to overlook beverages. However, a big bowl of homemade punch is the perfect way to help fill out the feast table.

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The decorated rim of caramel and sugar makes this the perfect after school drink for your kids after a long day of learning.

School is back in session as of yesterday and I remember those days of the kids coming home from school — starving and exhausted all in one.

Not only does this drink help you transition from summer to back to school to fall time, but it is simple and easy to throw together and has THE BEST flavor.

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Cranberry Whiskey Apple Cider Cocktail

Is anyone else itching to dive fully into all the flavors of fall? I sure am! In fact, I couldn’t even wait until the official start of fall, we headed to the apple orchard back in August for fresh apple cider and donuts.


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