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Becoming vegetarian and eating more plant-based meals is something that I have been doing for over 5 years. My first step to becoming vegetarian as a mother of 2  picky eaters was to introduce meatless Mondays.

The  second thing that really helped transition was finding delicious, healthy products that looked similar to foods that my family was familiar with.

Sweet Earth Foods has been there with me every step of the way. From their filling burritos (one of my fave snacks EVER) to their new Awesome Burger  the quality of their plant-based products always exceeds my expectations and the fact that they are available in every store that I frequent makes them a must-have for my family. 

Why Sweet Earth?

“We are food explorers. The Sweet Earth kitchen is a magic temple, where passionate chefs bring together ancient recipes and today’s harvest. The result? Food that you’ll love, that’ll surprise you, that’ll satisfy what we all believe: food should be delicious. It should add zest to your day and spice to your mind. We put in your hands an incredible diversity of plant foods and cooking traditions.”

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Why Sweet Earth?

“We believe food traditions endure for a reason—they allow us to thrive. Millennia have taught cultures what works, and at Sweet Earth we’re doing our best to listen. And here’s what we’ve learned: interesting flavors, vibrant colors, and complex textures are the best for our bodies. Follow your nose to those, and there you will find protein, vitamins, probiotics, fatty acids, fibers, it goes on! Inventive cooking means nutritious living. The best for your body: that’s our passion.”

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🔥Do you hear that sizzle?🔥

We love making our Awesome Burger’s on the grill, but with October in the Mid-West you really never know what to expect so we have our grill packed away until next year. Thankfully, Awesome Burgers are just as easy and delicious on the stove. No matter what toppings you love on your burgers, these plant-based patties hold their own.

We adore spicing things up adding our favorite vegan cheese and veggies and I’m happy to report even my family members that refuse to eat plant-based LOVED these burgers. They gave them a 5 out of 5 from beef flavor and texture. 

🍔 Reasons to Love Awesome Burger 🍔

  • It cooks just like a beef patty
  • The texture and taste is similar and they are amazing on the grill! 
  • 26 grams of protein
  • 6 grams of fiber
  • Sold at your favorite retailer!
  • Plant based Non-GMO
  • Perfect for Meatless Mondays!
  • Totally Juicy Sweet Earth Awesome Burger is just like Meat!
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