Every natural stone has unique metaphysical properties for those who believe in their power. The energies that stones give off help people connect to nature, themselves, and the rest of the world around them. When you walk into any rock shop, you’re surrounded by spiritual objects that serve infinite purposes.

These stones have romantic properties that aid in personal growth and spiritual healing. Whether you’re actively spiritual or simply looking for a meaningful home décor piece, look for these stones online or at your local geology store. Once you have them in your possession, what you do with the stones is up to you!

Rose Quartz

When most people think of stones with romantic properties, they think of rose quartz. This pale pink stone is associated with the heart chakra, and is believed to restore trust in relationships, encourage unconditional love, and open your heart to feelings of inner peace. Rose quartz isn’t just about loving others – it’s about loving yourself, too!

Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis lazuli is tied to Venus, who’s considered by many to be the goddess of love. Since it’s said to promote honesty and compassion, it helps people bond by bringing out their truest emotions. Use this stone to create harmony between you and your partner, but also to learn more about yourself.


This heart chakra stone is often used to promote hope and fidelity in all kinds of relationships. Since it’s said to heal your inner child, some people use chrysoprase to mend a broken heart and turn negative emotions into more positive feelings. If there’s tension between you and your partner, you can utilize this stone to restore faith in the relationship!


Emerald is the stone of successful love, and it’s associated with the heart chakra. The May birthstone is used to keep relationships in balance by encouraging faithfulness and unity.

If you’re in a relationship that you hope to last, you can benefit from having some emerald in your life.

Red Garnet

Garnet comes in a few different varieties. To inspire love and devotion, look for a red garnet at your local rock shop. People use red garnet to cleanse their chakras, be free from the restrictions of taboos, and balance their sex drives. Like the emerald, red garnets are associated with committed relationships.


Often given as a third anniversary gift, moonstone symbolizes new beginnings. In addition to promoting inner strength, it also brings about good fortune in romantic endeavors. This stone is especially useful to men, since it helps them to open up emotionally.


Aventurine’s chakra depends on the stone’s color – green aventurine is associated with the heart chakra, whereas blue aventurine is tied to the third eye chakra. This stone encourages empathy, and it helps people find alternative solutions in difficult situations. If you’re looking for a well-rounded healing stone, green aventurine should be your first choice!

Spiritual healing through stones is all about the power of intention. Use these stones to set your intentions for the future, especially if you’re hoping to build long-lasting romantic relationships. With the guidance of naturally-occurring stones, anyone can find love!