Give your booty a boost. 🍑

This gold-dusted bottom rub keeps your tushie nice and taut with stimulating, caffeine-rich guarana, soothing aloe vera and softening avocado butter.


Need to slip into skintight gear for running or cycling?🚲 This gorgeous floral lotion makes things more comfortable and helps with friction and chafing (and smells damn good, too). Slap it on!

🍑How to use: Massage all over your derrière and thighs.🍑

This floral fruity booty lotion is one of my fave products. I think it’s so fun for spring break and getting ready for swimsuit season. It kept my legs and booty moisturized but I didn’t notice a lift yet. I will keep you guys in the loop, its definitely worth a try if you love floral/fruity smells and could use a good lotion.

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