Instagram is a wonderful platform to tell your brand story visually and grow your reach. As a blogger, Instagram has been a tool that I’ve used to grow over the years. With all of the different platforms Instagram has a lot to offer and if you are looking into becoming an influencer or blogger and not currently on Instagram now is the time to do that! One of my favorite new features is an addition to Instagram Stories where you can now link directly to posts– this is huge!

In this article I’m going to be sharing some tips and walking you through how to do this. The first two things you will need is a business profile and over 10,000 subscribers. If you have both of those then lets get started!

Stories are a great place to share your latest blog posts, especially with this new linked feature and also their addition to add searchable hashtags to stories as well. For this example I am using my latest recipe. You’re going to start the story just as you always would any other, in this instance I used a picture. 


Step 1: To link your story you will click the link at the top of the post. From there you can insert the URL. 


Step 2: After entering the URL I would suggest checking the link to make sure it’s correct.

Step 3: Adding stickers and call to actions such as “Swipe up to view recipe” is a great way to get more engagement on your stories. 



Are you excited about this new feature? Have you tried it yet? Make sure you comment below letting us know your thoughts and tips


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