It’s that time of the year where everyone is on the hunt for the best gifts and I’m lucky enough to have gotten to try some amazing speciality wellness gifts from the incredible Elder N Honey Co.


This company has been family owned since 2012 and creates some of the most amazing wellness gifts for new parents. 


They sent me a giant box of goodies to try and share with you and I can’t wait to dive right in, but first make sure you connect with them on social media.


As you know, Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop for gifts. I always find thoughtful and unique ways to tell my family and friends that I love them. I have already stared my search and with many of my family, friends and followers pregnant I thought what a better way to ring in my Holiday Gift Guide than with a list of great gifts dedicated to new parents!

Elder N Honey Co Organic Belly Oil Duo

As a Momma of soon to be 3 I have tried my share of belly oils, lotions, masks and moisturizers.

Without much success I ended up using coconut oil, however after trying  Elder N’ Honey Co’s Belly Oil I will continue using this long after my third babe is born.


Their signature belly oil is completely natural and free from all the things that never need to be near your precious baby bump!

“I was at a larger retailer the other day and just for kicks and giggles I picked up the leading stretch mark cream.

The very first ingredient was mineral oil.


Mineral oil, Glycerin & Vaseline type products sit on the top of our skin and do nothing to actually condition it.

On top of that, it’s a synthetic byproduct…a distillate of petroleum.

A huge NO for me.

Especially if you’re asking me to put it on my pregnant belly.

Elder N Honey Co. is hugely committed to pregnant woman, making the healthiest choices in this tender time.

This light & effective belly oil is infused with organic herbs of calendula and rose hips, delivering all the skin loving essentials, without the fragrance and questionable ingredients!
We use only cold pressed, organic oils, paired with a faint rose geranium undertone, just enough to delight even the most sensitive.

Keeping baby bumps all over the world, moisturized and ready to grow! “

100% Love Guarantee 🤗

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil Infused with Whole Herbs of Lavender, Rose Hips & Calendula, Organic Avocado Oil & Rose Geranium Oil (Vegan)


Why I Love It!

  • Non greasy formula absorbs so easily into your skin
  • Leaves your skin smelling amazing
  • It’s safe and natural
  • SUPER affordable for $9.99 you will have enough to last you through your last trimester. (At least)
  • Handmade with love.

🌺 Tub Tea Bath Soak: Soothing & Relaxing, a must for any pregnant mamma. 

A Luxurious Herbal Blend of Epsom Salts, Hibiscus Flower & Lavender.

This tub soak is amazing. I couldn’t get enough baths to soothe my sore muscles and destress this pregnancy. I’ve always loved bathes, but this herbal bath soak really took my self-care to a new level. 

The Epsom salts help soothe my body while the hibiscus flower and lavender help me drift away into a state of calm and relaxation.

🌺 Tea for Two

 “The first half of pregnancy is sooo hard for some, it definitely was for both of mine!

I struggled to make it through the day sometimes. What I found settled my woozy belly was this tea blend, magnesium lotion, lot’s of Epsom salt baths!

🌿 This tea is made with organic herbs of ginger, spearmint, chamomile and nettle leaf.
Gentle and safe to take during all Trimesters of pregnancy.

This Organic Tea not only supports the feelings that come with the 1st Trimester, it also serves as a wonderful addition to adding beneficial nutrients and vitamins!
We love suggesting this tea when you can’t keep your prenatal vitamins down (I could not stomach them at all) I loved knowing that I was still supporting my body with gentle and natural vitamins.
This tea can be taken in conjunction with prenatal vitamins.”

Loose Leaf Sizes:
🌿 1/2 cup or 6-8 servings / 1 oz. bag (brown/kraft bag)
🌿 1 1/2 Cups or 20-25 servings / 2 oz. bag (black bag)

Ingredients: Organic Spearmint, Organic Chamomile, Organic Ginger, Organic Nettle Leaf, Organic Lemon Balm

Order yours HERE.

Here’s what your gift will include:

🔲 Tub Tea: Baths are essential after birth. We’ve included a relaxing and sweet herbal salt soak, that’s sure to lift her spirits and help her relax.

🔲 Organic Postpartum Herbal Tea: Replenishes Vital Nutrients and Vitamins Spent During Pregnancy. Caffeine Free – Loose Leaf – 4-5 Cups

🔲 Tension Release Roller – This little baby is reached for time and time again! Great for nursing necks, no sleep stiffness, hormonal headaches and so much more!

🔲 Herbal Postpartum Cleanser – I will never forget how unclean I felt after having a baby. Hormones all over the place, sweating, leaking…..and yeah you get it, TMI — it happens though and the best thing I found were wet wipes, so I could at least wipe things down in between non-existent showers………except that made me feel a little savage 🙃
I formulated this spray to spot treat with a little more class & dignity 💜💜
2 oz. Spray Bottle (Glass)

🔲 Lip & Face Shine – This all natural body butter will add a little glow, to your mom on the go! Easy way to beautify, simply.

🔲 Baby Teether – OK, we all know that this gift is for the MOM…..but you all insisted we must add “just a little something for baby too”.
This sweet, natural teether is an adorable and practical little gift for the sweet bundle 💛

You can rest assured that the special new mom in your life will feel the love sent to her, at a very tender time. A gift any new mama would love to get, especially unexpectedly. A sure way to encourage and congratulate 💛

Order yours HERE.


There is more to come from this incredible brand, including an amazing giveaway so make sure you stay tuned!




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