Do you have any leftover pieces of 2 x 4 wood? If not, you can get them from your local home improvement store or dig for scraps at a construction site, because it’s time to make a cute Halloween project – these potion bottle “BOO” Halloween blocks!

You can make them with any saying of your choice, but “BOO” is kinda nice just because it’s a little shorter, so you only need a few blocks. Here’s the tutorial, so get craftin.’

 This year I’m excited to introduce my new Halloween Wreath.  Surprisingly my door lacked a unique outdoor Halloween decoration.  In the past a department store variety has sufficed, but this year, I wanted something more.  If you’re in the same boat, you have come to the right place.  Stay with me and see how you can make a DIY Black Light Halloween Wreath for your front door too. Click HERE to get the tutorial

The holiday season is quickly approaching.  I am so ready to start decorating for Fall and Halloween, I just wish the temperature would come down so it would feel like Fall!

Last year I made outdoor reversible wooden decorations with a pumpkin on one side and an ornament on the other.  I decided to make something similar this year since I love how easy it is to keep out the same budget decor for two seasons! Click HERE for the full tutorial

Are you ready for Halloween??  It’s coming fast, right??  I am not a huge Halloween decorator, I like to save my craziness for Christmas!  But I have made a few Halloween Cricut projects that I wanted to share with you, plus give you a free SVG cut file! Click HERE to snag it!

Luckily for this Halloween craft, you may have lots of the supplies on hand or lying around. Three fence planks, not the fancy wide ones or anything. Just the cheapest ones they have at your local hardware store. They’re 3 ½-inches wide and very thin, although, sometimes they’re rough-cut. If they’re rough, you’ll want to start by planing them down or sanding their length, because the rough-cut does not finish well.

To make the ghost unique you can free-hand the ghost heads based on your own ideas. Click HERE for the full tutorial.

Printable banners are such a fun, inexpensive way to decorate for a holiday!

Today I’m sharing two free printable Happy Halloween banners that are sure to add holiday fun to your home or classroom.

These banners are super easy to use and look great together so you can mix and match if you’d like. There’s also an option to get the full alphabet for a personalized message! Click HERE to Download the banner templates!

This week I wanted to show you how to make one of these spooky Halloween Spider Planters.  They aren’t expensive to make and look great where ever you prefer to decorate.  If you’re not a fan of spiders…maybe pass this DIY decor project and take a look at this Halloween Potted Venus Fly Trap instead!  If you do love the creepy crawlies take a look at this week’s Creepy DIY Halloween Spider Decor

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