It’s the end of August, my oldest are back to school and Ohio is getting a small glimpse of autumn.  Being in my third trimester I can’t wait until the cooler weather starts rolling in.  I snagged some maternity pieces for fall at H&M and Target that I can’t wait to show you guys. I have searched high and low for affordable, fashionable and comfortable maternity pieces that you can mix and match to create endless outfits.

I also want to thank you for being  patient with my delayed updates the last few weeks have been filled with doctors appointments and more tests. I know my last update (26 weeks) was hopeful that my levels were normalizing, however with Hashimotos being an autoimmune disease everything frequently changes. Since retesting from 4 weeks ago my TSH is 2.95 which has risen and since they like to keep TSH below 3 in the 3rd trimester I’ve had to adjust my medicine again. I am hopeful that it will help to relieve some of the fatigue.

Since I have a pretty rare thyroid condition my pregnancy is considered high risk and I have several amazing doctors that are caring for me and baby which I am extremely thankful for. Although neither of them have had any patients with active Hashimoto’s, usually doctors will wait until your thyroid is completely destroyed and then you are treated with medicine forever. I’m still in the active stage where my immune system is destroying my thyroid, this creates a variety of symptoms because the destroyed thyroid is leaking hormones that aren’t needed.

Another thing with autoimmune diseases is that it’s common to have more than one and since I’ve been having joint pain and extreme fatigue they decided to test me for Lupus, which came back negative.

In effort to alleviate symptoms I’ve decided to make a few diet changes this week. I’ll keep you updated with grain-free and veggie recipes and what I’m doing to keep stress levels down. 

Root Cause by Isabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP is a book I haven’t been able to put down this week. It breaks down Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in an easy to understand way. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone struggling with Hashi’s.

Make sure you comment below if you know of anyone dealing with an autoimmune or thyroid disease during pregnancy. I’m looking forward to sharing more of this journey as we go and connecting with other Mommas who are dealing with similar things.

How far along: 29 Weeks

How big is baby? As big as an acorn squash. However Madison is a bit on the smaller side of things. The doctor says she might be like her Dad and big Sister and just be a small baby.

How many months? 6 months

Maternity clothes: Yes, it’s still HOT so I am enjoying sundresses as long as I can.

Stretch marks: A few

Bump: Oh yes

Sleep: It’s been a rough few weeks for sleep

Best moment of this week: Going into my 3rd trimester!

Miss anything: No

Movement: Lots and lots of kicks and dancing.

Food cravings: Nothing specific

Anything making you queasy or sick: Ketchup.

Have you started to show yet: YES.

Looking forward to: cooler weather.

Hashimotos Symptoms this week: The week started with extreme fatigue, even after sleeping 12-16 hours I wake up exhausted. Joint pain was another one, nausea and headaches (this started after upping my levothyroxine so, I’m unsure if this is a medication symptom or Hashi’s)

What I’m thankful for: The continued support from my amazing family. I’m not sure how I could get through some days without them. Especially my amazing partner, Adam. <3

Until next week,

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